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one baby has been adopted

Posted by Christina Bennett on Wednesday, February 17, 2010,
One of the babies have been adopted and is in a wonderful home and will become the horse he can be with the people he is with. I am so glad this boy found a home and will become the boy he will be as he grows with the one on one attention he so much deserves. Thanks deb for adopting this boy
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2 new babies in

Posted by Christina Bennett on Tuesday, January 26, 2010,
We recieved 2 new babies in and are available for adoption one is a paint colt but will be gelded as soon as he can be and we raise the funds to geld him and he needs himself a winter blanket he does not have alot of hair on him so he is cold.
        the other is a very pretty filly full aqha but no papers she is going to be a big girl when grown and she needs a winter blanket also
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new ponies

Posted by Christina Bennett on Sunday, December 27, 2009,
we recieved 2 new ponies in from Hocking County Humane society. One mini pony has been adopted and has been in new home since before christmas and we still have the older broke pony mare who is a joy to be around she is very loveing and easy to handle thanks to all who help us with the horses the year is winding down
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daily activities

Posted by Christina Bennett on Wednesday, December 2, 2009,
The days are shorter now and the cold has decided to stay. the water is wanting to freeze so the heaters are getting ready. the snow is not here yet but the horses are getting fuzzy every day. we got a new guy in the other day a 18 year old gelding who loves attentiopn and loves to be ridden and he is very well trained. thanks for following our blog.
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every day work

Posted by Christina Bennett on Saturday, November 28, 2009,
Well today has turned cold for the horses we are settleing down for the winter so not a lot of things will be going on we had a successfl year this year in out youth program we had our first time horse girl win first place in both her classes and she was very happy and the hay season was a good produceing year and now things are slowing down a bit our last 2 ponies were adopted and placed into their new home this past weekend and doing very well
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